What is the difference between oil-soluble and water-soluble lecithin?

The difference between oil-soluble and water-soluble lecithin only worked for different type fat liquor:

1.oil-soluble soya lecithin liquid, it's can only can used for oily form.

2.modified/water-soluble lecithin liquid,it can both used for oily and pasty form.

So,water-soluble is more multifunction compared with oil-soluble,even the pricehigher,you may think about it.


Step 1: draw water soulbe soya lecithin from drums

Step 2:put into bottles

Step 3:mix water and soya lecithin, then shaking

Step 4: form into white milk color ,ealy soluble into water

You can see picture 1 is oil soluble soya lecithin liquid , picture 2 is water-soluble lecithin liquid

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