Soy lecithin application in the food

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Time: 2015-07-01
Ice-cone /wafer:

1.  soyalecithin  is applied to the Ice- cone andwafer manufacture , mainly for emulsifier, wetting agent.

2.  As releaseagent, soya lecithin  help to shape: addlecithin can improve the fragile tube and wafer during demouldingintegrity,  at the same time also canprevent peeling phenomenon .


Soyalecithin used in biscuit production, mainly as emulsifier, wetting agent andrelease agent.

1.     Add soya lecithin in the crisp biscuit ,can convenientdemoulding also play a role on puff.

2.      Thetoughness effect to the improvement of the appearance and shape of biscuits

3.      In sandwichbiscuit production process, as emulsifier, can make butter, sugar betterfusion, more exquisite taste of sandwich.


1.As moisturizing and wetting agent :can improve theproperties of candy and prevent  thesugar  recrystallization, can improve thewetting properties of food, also have a  good dispersion.

2. Can make the products taste good, no oil leakage, notstick in the process of machining cutting knife, improve processing conditions.


As emulsifier: add 0.1 ~ 0.3% soybean lecithin make fatmixing of various kinds of melting point. At the same time ,soya lecithin hasthe ability to resist oxygen, it can prevent the margarine from rancidity, prolong shelf life.

Macaroni, egg noodles, and liner:

Emulsifier, moisturizing agent, antioxidant:
Make water, surface can better fusion,increase the noodles and the elasticity of the dough, can prevent the pastawater evaporation, the colour and iustre of all kinds of food.

Bread, steamed bread and cakes:

As emulsifier, wetting agent ,antioxygen: addlecithin 0.6 ~ 1% can make the water in the dough evenly dispersed, increasethe extensibility of the bread, flexibility and expansibility, moisture noteasily loss, keep the bread soft performance, the stoma of the bread heart issmall and the swelling is loose, make bread more soft, slow hardening of thebread.

Ice cream:

Increasing the smoothness of the product, butalso can prevent the products "sandy" phenomenon, reduce the dosageof egg yolk to cream, stable performance.

Instant powder:

Add 0.2% lecithin powder, dissolution ability increased significantly .

Gum chewing gum:

As emulsifiers for flavor carrier and the gum base,component dispersed uniformly and reduce the viscosity and adhesion, easyextrusion, cutting and separating; increase the toughness, soft texture,delicate lubrication to prevent sticky teeth, chewing pure taste, to extend theshelf life.

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