Feed grade Modified (water-soluble) soya lecithin
Feed grade Modified (water-soluble) soya lecithin
Feed grade Modified (water-soluble) soya lecithin
Feed grade Modified (water-soluble) soya lecithin
Feed grade Modified (water-soluble) soya lecithin
Feed grade Modified (water-soluble) soya lecithin
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Feed grade Modified (water-soluble) soya lecithin

1. Brief Description:

Feed grade oil-soluble soya lecithinthoroughly solve the problems such as the uneven texture, the poor liquidityand the unstable quality, etc.  

This product is liquid lecithin modified from concentrated lecithin through acetylation and hydroxylation.

Compared with concentrated(oil-soluble)soyalecithin, water soluble soya lecithinadvantage is:

A. Watersoluble soya lecithin improved in hydrophilicity and lipophilicity, can easilydissolved in water.

B. Watersoluble soya lecithin with light color and good fluidity.

2. Specification:




Acetone insoluble %


Hexane insoluble %


Acid value mg KOH/g


Moisture %




Peroxide value mmol/kg



3. Application:

For feeds:

l  As an additive of animalfeed, this product is the latest substitute of concentrated lecithin and can be absorbed by the body more easilyand meanwhile promote the absorption of other hydrosoluble nutrients.

l  After mixed in the animalfeed, the product will get an appearanceof light color and facility the operation thanks to good fluidity;

l  particularly in the liquidmaterial preparation, the operation willtake less time and the product will achieve good effect.

4. Packing Details:

LIQUID SOYA LECITHIN: By 200kgs net weight steel drums(small mouth & top open),200kgs HDPE drums,20liters Portable plastic drums,1MT IBC drums.Flexi bag packing.

POWDERED SOYA LECITHIN & PC: By 20kgs carton box/carton barrels: Inner PE bags, outer packed with aluminum foil bag, then packed in carton barrels.

PALLETS: Wodden fumigation pallets can be added as per request.

5. Storage: Be set to cool.dry and ventilated place .away from Fire source.Sealed,avoid light,Prevent from rain and strong acis or alkali.Lightly transport and protect from package damage.

6. Shelf time: 12 months